The New MacBook Pro 15 in the Test

MacBook Pro 15

More power for the MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Pro 15 “in the test


Slowly it was time, but now Apple has finally given the MacBook a performance boost. I have tested the new MacBook Pro 15 “.

(MacBook Pro 15) Visually, nothing has changed on the MacBook. It continues to come in a stylish aluminum look and continues to have only 4 Thunderbolt 3 (or USB-C) ports and, although the iPhone has long been deleted, still a headphone jack. The touch bar is also unchanged on board. But let’s come to the changes that are all under the hood.

MacBook Pro 15





Apple is now the 8-generation Intel Core processors with six cores in the 15 “MacBook. These are available as 2.2 / 2.6 / 2.9 GHz variant. I have tested the 2.6 GHz version. In turbo-boost mode, up to 4.3 GHz are possible here. On average, one can expect to receive 50-70% more power than in the previous generation, depending on the type of application. The problem with the rapid overheating and the shutdown of processor performance has already made Apple with an update from the world. Memory has been increased and is now available in 16 or 32 GB. Also on the graphics performance was screwed. The MacBook Pro now has a Radeon Pro GPU with 4 GB of memory. Rendering tasks are processed smoothly. Huge, but the new SSD has installed Apple. This can be chosen in sizes from 256 GB up to 4 TB. Tests have shown that the MacBook can show read speeds of up to 3.2 GB / s and up to 2.2 GB / s speeds. But that was not all. Also on display, Apple has worked, and the MacBook has now known from the iPad Pro TrueTone display, which colors can very well depend on the ambient light. Onboard is also the new T2Chip, which takes care of the safe boot process and the encryption of the memory. After some criticism of the predecessor’s vulnerable keyboard, Apple has also improved. The new keyboard is now quieter and better protected against dirt.

MacBook Pro 15

But how do the new features become noticeable in everyday use? Here I can already say after a week’s test, yes, you can tell. The work is noticeably smoother from the hand. Since I have to work with my job as a developer with Windows, I have Windows 10 in a virtual parallel desktop version in use, and here you can now assign more CPUs and more memory of the virtual environment. Thus, then runs the virtual Windows on the Mac noticeably faster without the host operating system on the Mac to slow down too much. Also, when compiling projects or rendering videos, you save a lot of time. I think that especially the ultrafast SSD is involved in a good result. Also, the typing feel is more pleasant on the new MacBook Pro. The TrueTone screen looks great, especially in dark environments. At the battery performance, I could not find any difference now.


For me, the update of the MacBook Pro has succeeded. Apple has been working on important performance improvements without changing the already great design. The price is, unfortunately, still high. My version with 2.6 GHz 512GB SSD and 16GB space costs 3299, – EUR. Above all the surcharges for more RAM and larger SSD, Apple can pay dearly. Nevertheless, you get a great MacBook with which you can do a few years of good work.


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