MacBook Pro 15 inch 2018: Tried 15 inch Variant

MacBook Pro 15 inch

MacBook Pro 15 inch


(MacBook Pro 15 inch) I’ve had time in recent weeks to deal with the new MacBook Pro 15 inch 2018. These were presented on July 12, 2018. Apple updated the MacBook Pro with the Touchbar. More RAM (15er variant up to 32 GB DDR4), more CPU and in the case of the 13er also full power on the ports.

The range of updated devices was apparent: Apple has opened an ear for the pro-users. These are all those who do more than the ordinary user who may use his devices for a little game, pages, music, and internet stuff. They are certainly still good with the old MacBooks and certainly do not need the latest upgrade.

I had the opportunity to examine the typical workflows of pro users a bit and to interact with them. Among them were, for example, one of the creators of the to-do-app Things from Stuttgart (which I once asked what it looks like with shared lists – well, by the way, you can hear the wishes of the users), but also Byron Wijayawardena, the colorist at Hangman Studios for the matching coloring on concert DVDs.

For me as a fan of film music, it was also great to be able to experience Gareth Cousins ​​at work, which showed, for example, for the mixing or remixing of the tracks in the films Gravity, Baby Driver, Suicide Squad, The Hunt, Fury, The World’s End, Notting Hill, Dark City and From Hell.

MacBook Pro 15 inch

These users showed me their typical workflows, and although I could not understand what they now have from an upgrade, it was easier to understand for others. Although the MacBook Pro is still not a desktop, in terms of performance is now so much in it that you do not even need this. And you can not take the desktop everywhere.

While the 13-inch MacBooks have configurations up to 16GB of RAM and the Core i7 quad-core, 15-inch models look different, up to 32GB of RAM and Intel’s Core i9. Also, the possibility for Pros to use the external graphics of BlackMagic, of these can take whopping four to a MacBook Pro. So Apple tried to address the things the pro users wanted – up to 32GB of RAM, for example.

MacBook pro buyers of the first hour will have noticed a problem, because, in particularly hard work, the i9 variant of the MacBook Pro tended to not deliver the full clock, due to the temperature unusually early down. Understandably, if a huge bother was going on and Apple had to get down to business, it found an error and pushed a corresponding update called macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Supplemental Update ( as reported ). Not so nice that such an error ever happened, alright, that you reacted quickly.

I am not a person who has to do his work like the mentioned pros above. I cut and edit limited videos, and I can do that with my iMac and the MacBook. I have the first iMac with Retina display and the MacBook Pro 13 “. The first tests were not surprising: the new MacBook Pro 2018 swept them all off the table. The logo is also newer hardware in it.

SSD test, MacBook Pro, predecessor:

MacBook Pro 15 inch

SSD test, 15 inches MacBook Pro 2018, 4 TB version:

MacBook Pro 15 inch

No matter which raw format I came from: the MacBook 2018 was always better. One has to keep in mind that one can not say in a nutshell how long it takes to make a 2-hour film from format A to format B. Of course, it depends on the format and resolution of the source material as well as the codec and software used.

Especially the last mentioned point is important; you can see that when you convert 4K content (h.264) with Premiere Pro CC – or just with Final Cut X. The latter was much faster in all tests. Here you have to look, however, that even after patching the MacBook Pro 2018 depending on the software used was not necessarily so much faster. Final Cut does a good job there, Premiere rather less. I recommend some very good comparisons of filmmakers on YouTube if you buy the MacBook Pro 2018 for these concerns.

MacBook Pro

Here everyone should see what he does professionally. Because while it does not matter to me whether the film is now taken 60 or 90 minutes in the shortage, it is important for other professionals, whether they need 1 hour or 2. Since you may have quickly the purchase price back in there, incidentally, the MacBook Pro 2018 can cost up to just under 8,000 euros in the highest equipment, the bulk but here makes the super fast memory, which can be up to 4 TB. Anyone who requires less memory or buys external SSDs, of course, saves immensely.

For me, not even coming from the direct predecessor in terms of desktop or notebook, means the large processor for certain tasks, but time savings, they would be, if in this area professionally on the way still worth a surcharge, I would have to put on time worth.

In the case of a 13-year-old game developer, I had also looked at it, which renders the models of his game rate-fats on his Unity engine, while the old box still builds images. I’ve mostly opened browser windows with X tabs, plus image editing software, occasional virtual machines, communication tools, and more.

Especially when using virtual machines, I noticed a difference for me. By the way, also with the fan. Because while the device is whisper quiet at normal load, the fan has to be on some things. This is audible under load, but that should not be new for users who work properly with their MacBook. The whole thing is, of course, due to the design. Pretty great optically resolved, appealing feel – but just thermally not sure the best choice.

In the end remains: For the professional people is just the performance and time important, for me rather less to a certain limit. And if you are not active in these professional areas, then the new MacBook Pro at high level may not bring you that much. Maybe the basic model is enough.

Here, however, Apple only updated the model with the touch bar, I would have liked it better had the basic model been updated and also equipped with the new keyboard. So if you do not see yourself in the “Pro” division, you are still well served by the predecessor. There is then logically no upgrade – or you can access the 13er with new equipment. Or even more blatantly: You look what you need minimal. My insurance person regulates everything only on his iPad.


Let’s get to the keyboard of the 15 inch MacBook Pro 2018. I know the predecessor and the before, almost all of the last ten years. And for the last keyboards, there is an exchange program if you have problems. According to Apple, there are only a few users, but one works “some” simply and does not start a global service program. Therefore, there are certainly some more. Whereby the keyboard does not always have to be completely over, compressed air is enough from time to time, whereby some dirt can not make sure that I can not work anymore.

Good for the users: If they have problems, they get this fixed (four years after the first sale of the device in retail). In the new MacBook Pro tinkers a new keyboard. Apple calls her quieter. And that’s right. Although not the mega difference, but audibly quieter. Of course, anyone who knocks the keys exactly vertically with two fingers will still be heard. Nevertheless, for me, in direct comparison a blessing (or my wife, as you want to see it).

MacBook Pro 15 inch

I’ve been typing a lot since the MacBook Pro 15 inch 2018, and I have not noticed any keyboard anomalies. Let’s hope that current and future buyers can say even after years, because processing and design, trackpad and keyboard for me were always things on the MacBook, which I appreciated. In any case, compared to the MacBook 2016, they are worlds – maybe I’m just mistaken because I’ve been through my keys on the root MacBook in that time.

There are, of course, several other new features in the MacBook Pro 2018 15 inch. You can also count on the new T2 chip, which takes care of things like the true-tone control of the display. Some may already know this from the iPad or the iPhone. Here, the display and the touch bar adjust and provide a suitable symbiosis with the color temperature of the environment.

On display, you can see that directly and in my opinion much better than on the touch bar. Useful feature? In any case, very pleasant, I think. I always on mobile devices. Of course, one has to look at the fact that working professionals certainly disable the feature, provided they value photo and video editing for color accuracy.

All in all, however, I realized that I find it much more pleasant to work with a 15-inch device of this screen and keyboard quality. The looked at the predecessor with its 15 inches still different because I said, I prefer to continue in the future to 13-inch class. The current book is, for me, a little dream in terms of display and keyboard.

MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro 15 inch can even without a click a happy “Hey Siri” counter, after that the Assistant starts. Here you can also control the smart home, find things – but it’s not great. Something I would use, I did not believe in the past. But well, the feature is here and will surely find its users.

The touch bar itself has not changed – except the fact that it can work with True Tone. Sometimes I find it very nice to use the features offered, but most of the time it is so that I can do without them – because I wished the keys again and thus a 15 inch MacBook Pro without a touch bar – but this is not yet been updated.

Apple has also built a stronger battery in the new MacBook Pro, but this does not provide for better battery life, this is instead due to the hardware. In direct comparison, I would say that I can not get there any longer or shorter than with the last 15 in the test. However, one has to say goodbye to the opinion that the book can last up to 10 hours.

This is theoretical nonsense on the info page and refers to special situations such as playing videos. In my normal working world, I get 6 to 7 hours if it works well. It always depends on how bright the display is, which browser you use, which pages or apps you have opened – and who processes films, you can get the battery safely in just under three and a half hours.


What remains in the end: If you have a professional and demanding job that will most likely bring the MacBook Pro to its limits in terms of thermal and performance – and that permanently – then I recommend you to somehow test your workflows before you buy them.

And if you think that the power thick enough, then you will probably have a long-term peace in a purchase. Or: You’re wondering if you can wait until Apple updates its other devices, so it’s equipped with new chips and keyboard. It’s also a money thing. For me, I have now decided: The next MacBook will be a 15-inch device.

I always reckon that I use it professionally and usually plan for four years without resale value. Would be in the basic configuration of 15ers under 60 euros a month. It’s fine for me – and I’m a person who likes to be willing to pay for something more if technology fits – so it’s fun too.

Who is the MacBook 2018 for? For those who want portability. Fast memory and ports. TouchBar, Touch ID, T2 Security, and macOS. For whom not? All those who need even more power and less portability. People who want standard ports, no dongle. Users who do not want to invest the money.

Bonus: I also had the opportunity to look at the new sleeves for the MacBook Pro. Are made of European leather, and one stows the device just in there. The leather is processed perfectly, the seams 1a, because you can say nothing qualitatively.


But: Costs even just 229 euros and offers, in my opinion, little protection. I’d rather invest in other cases when I’m worried about my device, and I know that I work in environments where things can get rougher. But the boys and girls from the yacht club will certainly like this leather sleeve: a pure luxury item, but a very successful.


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