Apple Mac Book Pro warned about a battery failure

Apple Mac Book Pro

Apple asked owners of Apple Mac Book Pro Pro models purchased between September 2015 and February 2017 to stop using those computers and take them to an Apple Store or authorized service so that the battery is replaced by another because the factory I could have a fault.

The company founded by Steve Jobs will begin this Thursday to remove from the market the laptops of the first model Apple Mac Book Pro with a 15-inch screen, launched in the period above because the “battery could overheat and pose a risk of fire safety.”

Through a statement, the technological giant reported that it would replace the batteries of these models without charge. The problem was detected in the oldest version of the Apple Mac Book Pro with a 15-inch screen.

According to the company based in Cupertino, California, only a limited number of units are at risk of battery failure. People can know if your computer is in the list of affected devices by going to the page that enabled the apple company, where you only have to type the laptop’s serial number, and Apple will tell you if they should change their battery or not.

To know the model of a Mac, the user must go to the menu of his computer, located in the upper left corner of the screen, and choose the option “About this Mac”.

The change of the battery will be done without cost to the eligible equipment on the page, that is, all the serial numbers that Apple has identified. Other MacBook Pro models and company computers do not present this problem.

This is the second notice of retirement of the technological giant so far this year. In April, he removed some wall outlet adapters for international use because of the risk of creating an electric shock.

Just last month, he also offered to repair the 13-inch MacBook Pro for a screen failure and, just as with his current problem, he offered to replace the component.


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