Amazon Affiliation: How much does it cost?

Amazon Affiliation

Amazon Affiliation: How much does it cost? My income from 2016 to 2018



Amazon Affiliation Revenues: How much does it cost and you break your head? This is the question that is asked here and there on the internet and even in real life. Since a few moments, many of my readers want to know what I earn with the Amazon affiliation. To answer them, what better than a mega balance sheet on my revenues from the Amazon partner club.


When I started this blog, I made a monthly report, but very quickly, I lost the desire to do it. Today I decided to do this article to show you the evolution of my affiliate revenue with the Amazon platform. Read, discover, and enjoy …


Why makes Amazon Affiliation? The benefits of the partner program

I have already received emails where I was asked, ” why do you make the Amazon affiliation? Generally, commissions are low, and it’s a waste of time. ”


The Amazon partner club is not the best program when you look at pay rates. Commissions are low (between 3 and 10%) we tend to abandon the potential of the giant e-commerce.


Still, Amazon membership is far more profitable than many affiliate programs. Also, we can add that it is much easier to sell in affiliation with Amazon than to sell digital products. Why? You will discover it by reading this article which reveals to you my secrets to succeeding in affiliation Amazon.


Income Amazon Affiliation: How does it work?

When you understand how it works, Amazon membership becomes child’s play. All babies can play if they know how to use a computer. To explain how the affiliation with the Amazon partner club works, I invite you to look at this picture. It is worth several thousand words.

Amazon Affiliation






Income Affiliation Amazon year how much does it cost


Did you understand the picture? I told you. It is very simple, and even a baby can understand it. To learn more, check out my complete Amazon Affiliate Guide. It tells you to step by step process to Make money with the Amazon partner club.


The reasons why in my opinion you have to get started in Amazon Affiliation if you start on the Internet.


1- Generate passive income

The first reason you need to get into the Amazon affiliation is passive income. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you certainly know that I love that kind of money that falls when you’re not working.


Passive income goes hand in hand with my strategy to achieve financial independence. It’s often said that when you do not make money when you sleep, you’re never going to get rich.


Well, if you too want to make money online when you sleep, the Amazon Affiliation is for you.


It doesn’t have anything with the money that falls without doing anything. When you start, you must work hard from the first months. Yes, very hard for the machine to take and start reporting. But as soon as the money starts to fall, it does not stop, and the machine starts to work for you.


2- Amazon is a globally recognized site

In affiliation, the customer does not often buy because you have done the best marketing in the world, but because he trusts you. Many people buy because they trust the seller.


Why? Just because you are on the internet and people need to trust you. When you start on the Internet, no one knows you, and you need enough time to work the relationship of trust.


This relationship of trust, you do not need to work if you get into the Amazon affiliation.


Amazon has already thought of everything for you, and today, it is one of the world’s most recognized sites. So people trust the Amazon e-commerce site and know they will not be fooled. If they buy on Amazon, they are certain to be satisfied or to be reimbursed.


By making Amazon membership, you will enjoy this relationship of trust that took time to implement.


3- A good conversion rate

Currently, my conversion rate is not bad at all. I went from 2.5 to 7% conversion in a few months. But the conversion rate usually varies between 5.5% and 7% depending on the month.


Which means that people out of 100 who click on my links, 7 buy a product from Amazon. If I send 1,000 visits a day on Amazon, I will generate 70 sales and at least 70 euros if each sale brings in 1 euro.


The Amazon site publishers are not young web entrepreneurs who do not know what they are doing. They took care of the conversion of the giant e-commerce, and you have nothing to do.


Amazon does everything to convert the maximum of leads for you. Between discount codes, promotions, and sales, the site offers attractive offers.


That’s why I love Amazon’s affiliation, and I’m convinced that even a baby entrepreneur can succeed. There is the only thing you can do to make money with Amazon Affiliation is to send traffic. For the rest, Amazon takes care of it even when you sleep.


4- Several thousand offers available

Generally, on affiliate platforms, it is difficult to find hundreds of products that are easy to buy. Take the example of digital product platforms. Very often, it is difficult to find an offer that will easily bring money.


Even if the commission on a sale is high, we will not earn money if there is no sale. With Amazon Affiliation, you do not have this difficulty, because, on the site, there are thousands of offers that are selling very well.


It is, therefore, possible to easily find several profitable niches to start an Amazon affiliate business.


5- No geographical limit is necessary

If you live, for example, in African countries, you know that several websites that report you refuse their access. We can, for example, talk about profitable sites like Moolineo and Loonea on which you can not register.


It creates many frustrations when you discover that there are solutions to make money, but you can not take advantage of it. Finally, we all want to come to the side of Europe to have the opportunity to exploit.


With Amazon Affiliation, you will not have this problem anymore, did you know? Anyone can register on the Amazon partner club to earn money. I have several people in private coaching who live in Africa and who are already making money thanks to the Amazon affiliation.


How lucky to live in Africa, to sell in Europe products delivered by Amazon who pays you every month? The time has come for everyone to make money online because Amazon allows it. Train yourself and run to generate passive income in the same way as those living in Europe and the USA.


6- very little investment to get started

Building a business through Amazon Affiliation does not require much investment in money. According to you, how much should you put to start? 100 euros? 200 euros? 1000 euros?


No, the money you need has nothing to do with these numbers. If you know how to do everything (research profitable market, uploading, and development of your site), you would only need 45 euros maximum.


This is the purchase price of accommodation and a domain name. For the rest, you have to work for yourself. But, if you want to save time and go faster, you can invest in the development of your site. And in this case, you will spend a little more money.


Amazon Affiliation: How much does it cost? My 2016 income

I started the Amazon affiliation in 2014 while living in Africa, and I did not know anything about it. The last review I published on this topic was in 2016, and you can read it by clicking here.


Now let’s go back to 2017

From January 2017 to December 2017, I won: 4,016 euros thanks to the Amazon affiliation. Which makes a monthly income of 334 euros.

Revenue Affiliation Amazon Year 2017


For a monthly income, it was not bad, but I wanted more. What I was looking for in 2017 was to reach 1,000 euros per month of passive income with Amazon. I had to find a way to triple that income in 2018. Will I be up to it? This is what we will see:


Amazon Affiliation Revenues from January 2018 to July 2018

From October 2017 to December 2017, I decided to refine my profitable niche research strategy. I invested a few hundred euros in my training. This allowed me to bundle the best advice for selling in affiliation with Amazon. I started by applying my new knowledge in this area, and I saw my income increase.


To improve my income, I invested in: and its tools: it is a set of WordPress themes and software to develop professional sites.


They allowed me to improve the design of many of my websites and to work on my websites. Results: Amazon work conversion to its level, I boss the conversion on my sites and thus more revenue Amazon affiliate.


AAWP: the powerful plugin for Amazon Affiliation. More information on AAWP here.


The day I came across AAWP, I immediately realized that I was in front of a tool that can boost my conversions. What is he doing?


It will search on Amazon the best-selling products (bestseller) to put them forward on my websites. It allows making a comparative table of the ten best sales for the visitors of my sites.


With it, I can also highlight the products currently on sale in any niche … This is a plugin designed only to make the Amazon affiliation, and it works very well.


I will make an article on this plugin if you wish. Just tell me in the comments.


Now let’s move on to revenue generated this year

From January 2018 to July 2018, I generated 6,407.5 euros in commission thanks to the partner club Amazon.


Which makes a monthly income of 915.36 euros. In the picture, you have the income of the year 2018 with the income of August 2018. At this date, subtracting the revenues of August 2018, we get 6407.5 euros.

Amazon Affiliation

Amazon Affiliation Revenue Year 2018

Income Year 2018 without the income of August 2018


Compared to 2017, I tripled my Amazon affiliate revenue. I went from 334 euros per month to 915.36 euros per month.


In 7 months, I have already won 2400 euros more than the year 2017 or I won 4011.15 euros. An increase of more than 50% compared to last year.


My conversion rate went from 2.5% to 3.5 and 3.5% to 7% when I started using the AAWP (aff) plugin. If you made the Amazon Affiliation, I highly recommend this plugin.


Amazon Affiliation Revenues: My Goals for 2018

This year, I’m working hard to achieve a monthly passive income of 3,000 euros with the Amazon partner club. See you in December for a new assessment.


How to start in Amazon Affiliation?

If I have any advice to give you, I will simply recommend you to train. These results I get are far from the best results on the internet. Many people earn much more than that.


Train with those who earn significant income and benefit from their expertise acquired over several years to evolve quickly. This will save you time and money to finally bring in passive income.


Amazon Affiliation Revenue: My Endword

Now we are at the end of this review which shows you my income from the Amazon partner club. I hope you liked the article and that it will motivate you to get started.


Are you already doing Amazon Affiliation? You can tell us how much it brings home and what are your tools to make money on the internet with the Amazon Partner Club.



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