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A Complete YouTube guide to Success Course

YouTube Complete guide to Success Course

YouTube earning has many flips and flaws, it is never simple to just start a channel and start adding videos. This will not get you paid, or as we can say it will never get you paid enough. You must know the complete algorithm of YouTube, in order to get paid and get more viewers and subscribers. The main target is to find the interested audience which will be interested in the niche you are creating content on.

If you are thinking of creating a YouTube channel, you must go through this course. This will give you some wise tips and tricks that outside people are hiding and won’t tell you. This course will also guide you through the basics and make you an expert at what you are trying to do in this period of time. This course is a treasure for people who start their carrier as YouTube and made by some experts who have been doing this for a very long time.

You will find this course paid elsewhere, but you can get this course for free on our website because we believe in free education.

Introduction to the course

1 – Introduction

2 – Why YouTube

3 – Pre-requisite: Nothing as such

4 – Where to start

2 – Getting First 10K Views on YouTube: 7 Things to follow

5 – YouTube New 10K Policy for Monetization

6 – Tip Number 1

7 – Tip Number 2

8 – Tip Number 3

9 – Tip Number 4

10 – Tip Number 5

11 – Tip Number 6

12 – Tip Number 7

3 – YouTube Creator Studio Basics- Personal and Brand Channel: Channel SEO Tools

13 – Section Introduction

14 – Things to Consider Before Creating New YouTube Channel

15 – Creating a Personal YouTube Account

16 – Creating a Brand YouTube Channel

17 – YouTube SEO- Channel Description

18 – YouTube SEO: Channel Tags

19 – Channel Logo and Channel Art

20 – making Channel emblem and Channel Art for free of charge

4 – Rank Higher in Search: Things to Do Before First Video Upload

21 – Section Introduction

22 – Why to wait for Start Right Away

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